Off-Market CRE Specialists



Traditional Transactions

"I have worked with Leith Swanson and Prime Net Realty Advisors for several years, as both a Buyer and a Seller. I trust him and value his advice. Leith recently represented us in the sale of a newly developed Wal-Mart Super Center. Although gyrations in the financial markets threatened to undermine the transaction, we were able to hold it together and close in a timely fashion due in large measure to Leith's insightful participation in the process. We appreciate Leith's efforts and look forward to working with Prime Net Realty Advisors on future transactions."

Chief Financial Officer - Tennessee

"I wanted to take this opportunity to recommend Leith Swanson and his company, Prime Net Realty Advisors. I have worked with Leith for several years and value the investment opportunities he provides and his understanding of the national single tenant marketplace. Leith recently represented us in the acquisition of an eight figure, investment grade, single tenant retail property. Not only did he expose an investment opportunity to us that fit our requirements, he was instrumental in assisting us through some difficult negotiations leading to a successful closing. I value my relationship with Leith and appreciate his efforts in identifying quality single tenant investment opportunities and assisting us in acquiring them."

Chief Executive Officer - Colorado

"Our company had the pleasure of working with Prime Net Realty Advisors, in the closing of three transactions, to fulfill a multi million dollar 1031 exchange requirement. We were referred to Prime Net Realty Advisors and initially contacted them in the spring of 1997. As we had not dealt with their firm before, we requested references and undertook a thorough background check on their company. We received an excellent report from everybody we spoke to. I am writing this letter of reference to attest to Prime Net Realty Advisors' professionalism, integrity, and deal-making expertise. The quantity and quality of the single tenant investment opportunities provided by Prime Net Realty Advisors, enabled us to systematically identify, contract, and close on properties that met our objectives. Throughout the transactional process, we received sound and responsive advise from Leith Swanson. I would highly recommend Prime Net Realty Advisors as an excellent source of national single tenant investment opportunities and as a company that can be trusted to provide the highest levels of professionalism and service."

President - Ohio

"I have known and worked with Prime Net Realty Advisors and Leith Swanson over the last two years. Prime Net Realty Advisors has assisted us in identifying and acquiring national single tenant commercial properties to fulfill our 1031 exchange requirements. In all aspects of the transactional process, from initial property submittals to providing the necessary advisory services to consummate our acquisitions, Prime Net Realty Advisors has demonstrated the highest levels of professionalism, responsiveness, integrity, and deal-making expertise. I am delighted to recommend Prime Net Realty Advisors both as a proven resource for national single tenant properties and as an advisor in negotiating the often difficult path to the closing table."

Vice President - New York

"Earlier this year, we successfully completed a sale-leaseback transaction consisting of two supermarkets with a major institutional investor, Prime Net Realty Advisors represented us. At each step in the negotiating process, we found Prime Net Realty Advisors to be attentive to the key deal points and diligent in following through, leading to a successful closing. At times, the need for diplomacy and tact, in articulating our position, was critical. The President of Prime Net Realty Advisors, Leith Swanson, was instrumental in resolving these matters and handled these issues with finesse and professionalism. I am pleased to recommend Prime Net Realty Advisors as an excellent resource for quality as well as qualified investors that perform, as well as a company that possesses excellent deal-making capabilities."

Controller - Kansas

"I have known and worked with Leith Swanson for approximately ten years. During that time Leith has represented our company, The us in the disposition of multiple commercial single tenant properties, with a variety of retail and office tenants, from California to Florida, on both an exclusive and non-exclusive basis. In all instances, Leith has been invaluable in advising and following through on every detail necessary to bring these transactions to a successful close. In the process he has served us professionally, diligently, and truthfully. He is a pleasure to work with and I would like to take this opportunity to highly recommend his advisory services and those of Prime Net Realty Advisors."

Partner - California

Securitized Acquisition Program

"I wanted to write this letter to commend both Leith Swanson and Roger Stern for the fine work they did in helping me complete a complicated 1033 exchange utilizing Prime Net Realty Advisor's 'Securitized Acquisition Program'. Although the concept of this program was a little difficult to grasp initially, Leith and Roger worked closely with my tax, legal, and business advisors to insure that I fully understood the mechanics of the program in relation to my needs and objectives. Roger Stern devoted himself tirelessly in working with my CPA and attorneys to insure that my exchange requirement was completed in a timely and thoroughly professional manner."

President - California

"In 1997 I was referred to Leith Swanson, President, Prime Net Realty Advisors, through a mutual friend of another Prime Net 1031 exchange client that had acquired a large distribution center. Leith was a pleasure to work with. Although my exchange requirements became a moving target, due to the typical problems that arise in the sale of commercial real estate, Leith was diligent in working with me to provide viable single tenant investment opportunities. When my exchange requirements finally solidified, in the fall of 1999, I called Leith to once again discuss my objectives. We discussed a traditional exchange as well as Prime Net Realty Advisor's 'Securitized Acquisition Program'. This program not only met my exchange requirements, it also met my liquidity objectives by maximizing my tax-free equity proceeds. With only 38 days left to identify my trade properties, Leith introduced me to his associate, Roger Stern, who quickly and professionally analyzed my needs. In conjunction with my tax advisors, attorneys, and partnership, Roger structured the acquisition of a securitized portfolio of investment properties that met all of my needs as well as the needs of our partnership. Roger is a pro. Through numerous conference calls, letters, and meetings, he harmonized a diverse group of attorneys, CPA's, and partnership interests, resulting in the successful consummation of our transaction. I am most pleased to recommend both Leith and Roger as professionals who will put the client's needs first in structuring single tenant exchange transactions. I would also encourage the reader to call me with any questions."

General Partner - Ohio

"In the fall of 1999 I faced the unenviable task of fulfilling a 1033 condemnation exchange requirement, with only a few days left to identify, due to the non-deliverability of a previously identified replacement property. I picked up the telephone and called Leith Swanson, the President of Prime Net Realty Advisors. Leith immediately grasped the gravity of my situation, assessed my exchange objectives, and introduced me to his associate, Roger Stern, and their securitized acquisition program. Roger took the ball and worked closely with my legal and tax counsel to professionally craft a trade acquisition that fulfilled my exchange requirements and maximized my liquidity. I am writing this letter to testify to the professionalism, competency, resourcefulness, and diligence of both Leith and Roger. Quite simply, they both worked to provide the highest level of commitment and service with my needs as their primary objective. I am pleased to recommend them and their securitized acquisition program."

Chief Executive Officer - California