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Founded 1995 – Over One Billion Dollars of Closed Transactions

Prime Net, in conjunction with its partner, Roger Stern, located in Chevy Chase, Maryland, has participated in over a billion dollars of commercial real estate transactions, ranging from $3 million to $250 million each. Prime Net’s clientele crosses the spectrum from large institutions to high net worth individuals. In 2008, Prime Asset Advisors Limited, a Hong Kong headquartered company, was formed by Mr. Swanson in partnership with his trusted colleague, Mr. Charles Sun, a Chinese businessman with over forty years of specialized Asian and international business and real estate expertise. Prime Asset Advisors is a boutique advisory firm that provides institutional real estate investors, developers, and equity partners diversified exposure and introductions to key and established CRE entities in Asian real estate markets and vice versa. Prime Asset Advisors is a relationship driven entity that seeks to establish mutually beneficial partnerships amongst trusted clients of both Mr. Sun and Mr. Swanson.